Best Way To Cook Brisket

best way to cook brisket

    best way

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Day 101 – "Bub's Bar-B-Que"

Day 101 - "Bub's Bar-B-Que"
April 11, 2010 – "Bub’s Bar-B-Que"

Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love REAL Southern BBQ.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am also extremely picky about my BBQ. You can’t just grill up some burgers, hot dogs and chicken – slather it with store-bought sauce and call it "BBQ". Real BBQ takes time. Real BBQ takes patience. "Low and Slow" is the mantra: Meat cooked over low-heat for a loooong period of time. When I make pulled pork, for example… it cooks for almost 24 hours over a hickory and apple smoke fire.

I love BBQ.

And I love BBQ restaurants.

So today, on our way home from our daughter’s dance competition in Massachusetts, I notice a little sign saying "Bub’s BBQ – 5 Miles". Hmmm… BBQ… in the middle of nowhere… and it happens to be lunchtime. Could this be a sign from god?

Yes. Yes it was!

There it was… Bub’s BBQ in Sunderland, MA… in full sunlight, as if the Heavens were illuminating it just for us.

Bub’s BBQ… simply the best BBQ restaurant I’ve found outside of the South!

I ate like a freakin’ pig! A pulled pork sandwich… a beef brisket sandwich… collard greens… baked beans… dirty rice… potato salad… beer…

I wanted sweet potato pie, but I was too damn full!

Somehow I just get this feeling that I’ll be eating there again at some point this summer.

… and maybe this fall…

… and this winter too.

Life is good!

* * *

Big John's BBQ – Big Spring Texas

Big John's BBQ - Big Spring Texas
Excellent barbecue – best visited at lunch as they tend to close in the evening if not enough business. Located on business I-20 west of downtown Big Spring. Obviously home cooked beans, tender and flavorful brisket and ribs. You can see the pit on the extreme right of pic. The day I was there I was the last one served, they put the closed sign in window and locked the door, then the ladies started carrying big boxes of meat out to the pit for the next day. They do put bbq sauce on the meat when it is served, so if you like it on the side ask for it that way. (the sauce was really good though)
best way to cook brisket